Remove BackDoor.Agent.AHAL - Get Rid Of BackDoor.Agent.AHAL The Easy Way

BackDoor.Agent.AHAL details:
Type: Backdoor
OS Infected: Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/2008/2003
Views: 806

BackDoor.Agent.AHAL is a kind of rogue software. It installs on a computer system without user's consent and results in privacy issues including credit card theft, cyber criminals'invasion and identity theft. This rogue usually mimics the basic structure of those famous security programs to confuse inexperienced computer users. The most common symptom of this Rogueware is that it will scan the computer and the result always shows that the computer has been threatened by many high-risk infections such as Trojans, worms or spyware. Then it claims that it has the ability to remove all the threats and protect the computer if you purchase its full version.

BackDoor.Agent.AHAL is what is known as a 'rogue anti virus'tool which pretends to clean out viruses from your computer, but does nothing of the sort. Instead, this infectious tool has been designed with one goal - to get you to purchase the 'upgraded'version of the software in the hope that it will stop annoying you.

This program might seem official but is actually coded by a group of hackers who want to profit from the distribution of this program. Fortunately, there's an easy way to remove this for good, and it comes in the form of a tool that you can download off the Internet.

Manual removal steps

If your antivirus program is infected by BackDoor.Agent.AHAL or it can not remove the virus, here is a manual removal way for you.

1. Enter Safe Mode which uses the default drivers and settings with which the computer operated in its initial configuration.

2. Delete related virus folders

3. Delete related registry value. It is an important part of removing the virus. The Virus program can install itself on your system and infect system files quickly. You must remove it completely.

4. Restart your computer and run your current security program to clean files that is infected by the rogue program.

Being a dangerous virus infection, BackDoor.Agent.AHAL virus can do malicious actions on the infected PC, each time when PC users want to open any program or even go online, the rogue will pop up and stop them from doing that completely. PC users will get such these warnings like "The program is infected by Trojan horse, it has been blocked from accessing Internet", which means PC user have no way to run the process and even go online. And that is the reason this rogue program can not be removed by anti-virus program because rogue program will stop PC users from running it at all. Paying to this rogue program can not help PC users solve the PC problems, this is just a fake anti-virus program which is created by the cyber criminals to get profit from the naive PC users. Never believe what rogue program says and finish payment, or the infected PC will suffer further damage and victims can not get the money back. If the computer is infected by the BackDoor.Agent.AHAL virus infection, all we need to do is to remove BackDoor.Agent.AHAL manually and quickly to keep the infected PC safe.

How to remove BackDoor.Agent.AHAL ?

Unlike your common spyware infections of the past, this rogue is part of a new breed of spyware that is highly intelligent.

It places a number of random files and registry entries onto your computer which contain code that is able to reinstall the rogue should the main files be deleted. This makes manual removal near impossible because there are actually random files on your computer that are legitimate and that it needs in order to run properly and if you end up deleting one of those files your computer can become completely unusable.

This is also how it can evade detection and removal from many of the more popular basic spyware removal tools that don't update their spyware definitions database regularly and are unable to find those random files.

Due to all of these reasons, your only viable method for completely removing BackDoor.Agent.AHAL is to get your hands on an advanced spyware removal tool that does update its spyware detection database frequently enough to be able to detect and remove the random files that are placed onto your computer.

This will require a small investment, however with the increasing number of these types of rogue spyware programs that are surfacing on the internet coupled with their aggressive techniques and their ability to record data about you such as passwords and websites visited, it has become essential that you have effective real time protection on your computer that can block infections before they can install themselves on your computer - and only the most advanced spyware removal tools come with that level of protection.

So if you are looking for the best way to not only remove BackDoor.Agent.AHAL for good but also to ensure your computer doesn't get reinfected with it or any other rogue program for that matter, you need to invest in an advanced spyware removal tool and only then will you have the level of protection needed to keep your computer and personal information safe.

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