Remove BackDoor.Agent.AHBU - Quickly Get Rid of BackDoor.Agent.AHBU Easily

BackDoor.Agent.AHBU details:
Type: Backdoor
OS Infected: Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/2008/2003
Views: 906

BackDoor.Agent.AHBU is one the latest virus and lot of computer users get infected by the virus. Are you one of them and are you finding an effective way to remove the virus. You can learn something useful here to get rid of BackDoor.Agent.AHBU virus and protect your computer from crashing down.

BackDoor.Agent.AHBU is a fake antivirus program, which will give your security warning. Some computer users will believe the warning message as they feel their computer malfunctions. In fact, the fake security program is the only cause of your malfunctioning computer. Once your computer is infected, you can not run most programs and worse your security program may be taken over by the virus. A simple is to enter safe mode and try your antivirus program again.

Manual removal steps

If you are an advanced computer user and know how to edit the system registry and be able to troubleshoot various problems with your computer system, you can try the manual way to remove the Virus as below.

1.Run your Task Manager to end the process which is under the name of BackDoor.Agent.AHBU or other suspicious processes.

2.Identify the virus by using regedit or another utility to edit the system registry. View the "Services" parameter in the [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] key; this parameter gives the full path to the malicious program.

3.Trace down the original virus file and delete it

4.Delete the related registry value as following

BackDoor.Agent.AHBU is a malicious computer virus that will harm the infected computer and cause data loss. When you accidentally access to a malicious website or download free software from the infected sources, the virus is able to sneak into your computer. It is a serious threat that antivirus software cannot grasp. Some other Trojan viruses, spyware or ransomware will be brought into the computer system. Therefore, your important data in the computer are facing huge risk. Your credit card information or other personal privacy may be sent to the cyber criminals through hidden backstage access. If you do not take immediate action to remove it to terminate its malicious behaviors, you may suffer unexpected losses.

How to remove BackDoor.Agent.AHBU ?

Unlike your common spyware infections of the past, this rogue is part of a new breed of spyware that is highly intelligent.

It places a number of random files and registry entries onto your computer which contain code that is able to reinstall the rogue should the main files be deleted. This makes manual removal near impossible because there are actually random files on your computer that are legitimate and that it needs in order to run properly and if you end up deleting one of those files your computer can become completely unusable.

This is also how it can evade detection and removal from many of the more popular basic spyware removal tools that don't update their spyware definitions database regularly and are unable to find those random files.

Due to all of these reasons, your only viable method for completely removing BackDoor.Agent.AHBU is to get your hands on an advanced spyware removal tool that does update its spyware detection database frequently enough to be able to detect and remove the random files that are placed onto your computer.

This will require a small investment, however with the increasing number of these types of rogue spyware programs that are surfacing on the internet coupled with their aggressive techniques and their ability to record data about you such as passwords and websites visited, it has become essential that you have effective real time protection on your computer that can block infections before they can install themselves on your computer - and only the most advanced spyware removal tools come with that level of protection.

So if you are looking for the best way to not only remove BackDoor.Agent.AHBU for good but also to ensure your computer doesn't get reinfected with it or any other rogue program for that matter, you need to invest in an advanced spyware removal tool and only then will you have the level of protection needed to keep your computer and personal information safe.

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