What is Win32.WinPatch - How Do I Remove the Win32.WinPatch ?

Win32.WinPatch details:
Type: Unknown
OS Infected: Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/2008/2003
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Win32.WinPatch is part of the family of Trojan programs that are currently infecting millions of computers around the World, and is an extremely common infection for the Windows system. This virus has been developed by a series of hackers who also developed a string of other similar programs, which lure you into buying an "upgrade" for the software that really doesn't do anything to help your PC.

Generally speaking, Win32.WinPatch has the ability to mess up system files on infected PC once the virus process has started its working, the victims will keep getting a window about virus warning from this malicious rogue program which tells the PC users to scan the computer. It will pop up after a few seconds even the PC users close the warning from this rogue program. What is bad, PC users can't open any program like Internet Explorer or Word normally after getting virus infection, the rogue program will pop up and stop them from doing that once PC users want to run it, and the fake anti-virus program will let the victims purchase its full version so that they can get a key to activate Win32.WinPatch completely, and then they can use the infected PC normally again. This is the way which cyber criminals collect the money from the naive PC users, this fake anti-virus program is totally a big virus which can not help the PC user protect the computers at all, it is just a nasty virus infection. Thus, it is suggested that PC user should remove it as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Manual removal steps

If your antivirus program is infected by Win32.WinPatch or it can not remove the virus, here is a manual removal way for you.

1. Enter Safe Mode which uses the default drivers and settings with which the computer operated in its initial configuration.

2. Delete related virus folders

3. Delete related registry value. It is an important part of removing the virus. The Virus program can install itself on your system and infect system files quickly. You must remove it completely.

4. Restart your computer and run your current security program to clean files that is infected by the rogue program.

Since you know about this Win32.WinPatch virus in detail, you ought to delete it from your computer immediately before any further loss occurs. This backdoor Trojan affects your system files and registry entries to exploit your system leaks for potential threats. It slows down your system and corrupts functions of your normal programs greatly. That is why your advanced security application can't seem to pick up this backdoor Trojan completely. In fact, your firewall and anti-virus program will become malfunctioning, and they won't help you get rid of the Trojan horse or reset your computer settings effectively. It is important for you to remove the Win32.WinPatch promptly and entirely in a manual removal way.

How to Remove Win32.WinPatch ?

If you do not possess deep computer knowledge or if you want to do the removal quickly, you can use the automated removal process by using frontline rogue remover.

Manual Removal

Now you can manually remove Win32.WinPatch files by using the windows explorer. Try to do this as thorough as possible to prevent any comeback. If by any chance the manual removal is not working, it can only mean that your computer is severely infected.

Automated Removal

All the viruses and spywares nowadays are usually so clever that manual removal is usually impossible. This is why we need reliable antispyware and antivirus. However, most antivirus and antispyware out there are simply no good. I have tested many antiviruses to remove Win32.WinPatch from my computer for good and only a few of them succeeded in doing so. So far, the antivirus that works best against any rogue antivirus and cleans your computer thoroughly is the frontline rogue remover. After the scan and removal process my computer is restored to its original clean state. My computer also runs properly like usual without any errors.

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