Complete winforms.exe Error Fix - Effective Method to Fix winforms.exe Error

winforms.exe is the main executable file for MSN Messenger, which is most of the time bundled with Windows and Microsoft Office. With the help of the MSN Messenger, we are able to enjoy online chat, and file sharing easily. However, while using the computer and chatting with the MSN Messenger, it is very easy for PC users to get an winforms.exe application error message and suffer from some MSN errors just like MSN messenger runtime error commonly. Whenever you get this application error message, you should take immediate actions to check and fix it as quickly as you can.

winforms.exe and other files are very vulnerable and the error message will only show up when the problematic application is about to run. If the program runs at windows startup automatically, you will get the error message every time windows boots. The most common types of the error message look like:

A required file, winforms.exe, was not found.
The application has failed to start because winforms.exe was not found.

So what would cause this computer error?
1. The file can be removed by accident when you uninstall a program or during the windows update and system upgrade.
2. As winforms.exe file is also a popular target of most PC threats, the file may be removed or damaged by a virus, which would of cause result in the PC error message.
3. Furthermore, obsolete registries will also be the main cause of this computer error as when the program fail to read the file successfully, the winforms.exe error message will appear.

How to fix winforms.exe error?

1. To fix the winforms.exe error, you should run a registry care program to quickly fix your registry error and ensure a complete clean registry database as winforms.exe error is mostly caused by damaged registry database. And an advanced registry care program will thoroughly scan your PC and fix missing/corrupted/invalid entries within minutes.

2. If the winforms.exe error indicates that winforms.exe has encountered an error and has to close, you can simply type the find name on Google to search for and download an exactly same winforms.exe file. And then place under your system32 folder. This sometimes will quickly fix your winforms.exe error by overwriting the corrupt or missing one on your PC.

3. If the error message appears soon after you install a specific program, the problem may be caused by program inflicts. To solve it, you should uninstall the program to see whether it solves the problem. If not, it is not difficult to decide that the problem is caused by the program you just installed. To prevent and fix the error, do not reinstall it! You can search the web for some other alternative software.

4. Sometimes, the winforms.exe error will be caused when your system is infected by viruses. If you have never scanned your computer for viruses, immediately run your anti-virus program to remove what it finds.

After learning the causes and solutions of the winforms.exe error, you should know what you should do right now. In addition to, keeping on doing these steps also helps you to maintain a stable computer performance. So do feel free to keep on doing those steps!

How to Fix winforms.exe Error

Method One: fix winforms.exe error with CheckAllFiles fixing tool automatically.
Method Two: scan your computer with Spyhunter anti-virus program to remove any potential viruses in your computer.

How to Fix winforms.exe Error with CheckAllFiles:
CheckAllFiles is a genius program recognized by BBB. It fixes dll errors, removes useless keys or malicious registry entries, optimizing your computer and maximizing the PC performance.
Download CheckAllFiles.

Scan your computer with CheckAllFiles to optimize your computer.

Solution Two: Optimize your PC with CheckAllFiles.
Click here to free download CheckAllFiles and follow the prompts to install the application.

Launch CheckAllFiles and scan your computer

It will take minutes to find out all the infection on your computer

Click Finish to clean up virus once and for all

winforms.exe is located in:

  • C:/Users/Public/TelerikControls2009/WinForms/WinForms.exe

Now it detects winforms.exe is infected by:

  • Win32.Autoit.EP

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